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The Black and White fans are reportedly Brazil’s most active and passionate fans, with notable stadium attendance, and unconditional support for Galo.

The strength of Atletico’s fans, who will always flood stadiums, has made Galo the attendance champion in ten editions of the Brazilian Championship (1971, 1977, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001).

The Black and Whites also hold the second biggest average attendance of all Brazilian Championship editions to date. (55,664 paying fans per match, in 1977).

In the 2013 Libertadores Cup final match, Atletico brought along 56,557 paying fans to Mineirao, the stadium of which Galo holds the highest paying crowd attendance ever (115,142 fans for Atletico vs Flamengo in 02/12/80), as well as the regional derbies.

Galo ranked 3rd in the Globosat ranking of soccer teams’ share of pay-per-view subscription plans out of 18 participant clubs in 2013.

In August 2014, newspaper Lance!, in a partnership with IBOPE (Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics) published a survey which claims Atletico has most fans in its home state Minas Gerais, ranks 4th in Brazil’s Southeastern region, as well as the 6th most popular football team country-wide, holding the fastest growing number of fans over the last four years.

Atletico holds the highest fan attendance average in Mineirão Stadium since its reopening, over 49 thousand fans/match.


In 2012, Atletico successfully released Galo na Veia, its official supporters’ club program.

The program has 3 categories that allow fans easy or even granted access to the stadium. Galo na Veia also provide fans with discounts at Loja do Galo and in a wide network of commercial partners, as well as the right to participate in exclusive promotions. Galo na Veia fans also earn points that can be exchanged for club’s products and unique experiences, such as visits to City of Galo.


In 2012, Atlético announced a partnership with BWA, the company who won the bid for the commercial exploitation of the Arena Independência, which opened in the same year.

The Arena became the home of Galo, in which the team holds a great record and has excellent average attendance and income, in addition to other commercial events held at the stadium.


mineiraoBy winning the 2014 Brazil Cup, Atlético clinched its 4th title in the new Mineirao, which made it the Stadium’s biggest winning squad. Shortly before getting their hands on the cup, the club’s players sang the chant: “Mineirao is ours”.

Since its reopening, Mineirao has hosted the following wins: the 2013 Libertadores Cup, 2014 South American Recopa, and 2013 Minas Gerais State Championship, as well as the 2014 Brazil Cup.