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Atletico’s technical commission is made up of world-class professionals such as the Brazilian National Squad’s physician Rodrigo Lasmar, goalkeeper trainer Francisco Cersósimo, as well as a complete team of physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physiologists, technology assistants, press officers, among others.


Atletico’s squad has renowned athletes such as Victor, Leonardo Silva, Fabio Santos, Luan and Cazares, as well as new talents like Gabriel and Uilson.

Athletes featured in the Brazilian Championship Stars prize since 2011: Réver (2011, 2012), Marcos Rocha (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), Leonardo Silva (2012), Ronaldinho Gaúcho (2012), Bernard (2012 – best Young player), Diego Tardelli (2014), Jemerson (2015), Douglas Santos (2015), Rafael Carioca (2015), Lucas Pratto (2015 – Best foreign player), Robinho (2016) and Fred (2016 – top scorer)







Atletico has always been a display for Brazil’s national squad, providing it with a lot of stars, such as Dario, Eder Aleixo, Joao Leite, Luizinho, Nelinho, Paulo Isidoro, Reinaldo, Sergio Araujo, Taffarel, Toninho Cerezo, Guilherme, Marques, Cicinho, Dede, Belletti, Velloso, Mancini, Marcio Santos, Diego Alves, Bernard, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Rever, Leonardo Silva, Victor, Marcos Rocha, Jo, Diego, Tardelli, Josue, Richarlyson, Gilberto Silva, Douglas Santos and Rafael Carioca.

In 2016, six players currently playing in Atletico were invited to national squads: Rafael Carioca, Douglas Santos, (Brazil), Lucas Pratto (Argentine National Squad), Otero (Venezuela), Cazares and Erazo (Ecuador).

Atletico also had a lot of players featured in the Brazilian Youth Squad last year, Douglas Santos, Uilson, Clayton and Carlos, (Olympic Squad); Cleiton, Joao Vitor, Lucas Candido, Gabriel (U20); Capixaba, Matheus Stockl, Helio Junior, Wandrew and Alerrandro (U17).

Out of Atletico’s current squad, 4 players have featured national squads: Victor, Leonardo Silva and Fabio Santos (Brazil), and Cazares (Ecuador).