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14.01.16 Florida Cup

Florida Cup: Atletico thrilled after big win over Schalke

Coach Diego Aguirre believes Galo had a good “training” ahead of their Libertadores debut, and Lucas Pratto thinking about Corinthians already.
Atlético I Goal Brasil I Thiago Fernandes I Fort Lauderdale
Atletico coach Diego Aguirre believes his team saw “a preview of what the team will face at Copa Libertadores” after a convincing 3-0 win over Schalke on Wednsday night at Florida Cup.
According to the Galo boss, the opponents faced in Fort Lauderdale share similar characteristics to the hard-working nature of the South American teams.
Argentinian striker Lucas Pratto, on his turn, declared the result was a “motivational factor” for Atletico ahead of their showdown against Corinthians next Sunday, in Boca Raton, that can help Galo sealing its first 2016 trophy.
24256703982_7edb475149_zTake a look at the most important quotes by the Atleticanos after their triumph in Florida.
Libertadores style
“We had some dificulties, but it was a good test. When we’ll play away at Libertadores, this intensity will also be there, as well as this many balls crossed into our box. And the players’ response here was excellent, you can keep this intensity but should never forget having attitude, concentration and thinking the game.”
Galo vs Corinthians
“It’s a different duel, it’ll be very good to play it against a quality opponent, the current Brazilian champions. It would be great to win this tournament, to come back home with a trophy, be it small or big. Win titles is always something to aim for.”
​Getting in shape
“We had the chance of facing an European team which is always present at international tournaments, like Europa League ou Champions League. We are a little short on the physical aspect, that’s normal, we trained for only a week this year, while they are halfway through their season. Now we have to practice more, play a good match against Corinthians on Sunday and, then, think about the pre-season ahead of the Mineiro Championship.”
New coach Aguirre
“We’re trying to play the way he wants us to, execute his playing system. We know that, when you’re not 100 percent, things get harder. The important is to put in practice the tactics, and what Aguirre wants us to do.”
Big test
“It was a fine display. We had little over a week of preparation before, which means very little time for trainings. But the fact that we kept most of our squad from last year helped us mesh better. Physically, we’re far from ideal, but for a first match it was great.”

Published on January 14 - 2016, at 19:06.