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16.01.16 Florida Cup

Florida Cup: Galo’s latest training session had a little NFL moment

Coach Aguirre confirmed Jesus Dátolo is taking Giovanni Augusto’s place among the starters for the match against Corinthians

Atlético I Goal Brasil I Felipe Torres I Boca Raton

20160116170043Soccer, footvolley and football. Atletico’s latest training session ahead of the decisive match against Corinthians this Sunday (2:00 PM, EST) had all these elements, with coach Diego Aguirre choosing a lighter activity at Florida Atlantic University’s ground in Boca Raton.

As both media and fans had access to FAU’s facilities, the players were on little grass spaces divided by strips and cones, where they reproduced a game similar to footvolley. It brought laughs among the athletes and even an acrobatic play from Luan, who managed to hit an overhead kick.

Then, it was time for football. Datolo showed his skills with keep ups and other juggling, while Victor and Luan pushed each other simulating the physical play common in the sport.

Datolo confirmed

20160116170043 (4)After that, with all players warmed up, the coaching staff proceded to a tactical air ball activity. Teams were formed again as Argentinian midfielder Datolo stood among the starters, winning Giovanni Augusto’s place, who played on Galo’s 3-0 win over Schalke 04 last Wednsday.

20160116170043 (3)Then, Aguirre explained the changes in midfield and confirmed the No.10.

“We are trying to vary a little, respecting the limit each player has”, he stated. “And also giving some opportunity. Let’s see what happens in game, but our goal is trying to play well and win, respecting our opponents. But confident that Atletico will try to impose itself.”

As the two best teams from 2015 Brasileirao will meet again, Galo will come to field with the following XI: Victor; Marcos Rocha, Jemerson, Leonardo Silva, Douglas Santos; Rafael Carioca, Leandro Donizete, Luan, Datolo; Thiago Ribeiro, Lucas Pratto.

Published on January 16 - 2016, at 23:05.